7 Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow for Serious Inspiration

Wanderlust runs through my veins. I swear it keeps my heart a’pumping, since I don’t go a single day without longing for glimpse of the world I haven’t seen.

And Instagram is quite the enabler. Some days, my feed is an endless stream of places. Places I need to visit ASAP. Places I want to visit again. And places that have me Google mapping locations with my mouth gaping open. Yes, Instagram has significantly lengthened my bucket list.

I follow countless travel bloggers, fellow wanderlusters, and adventurers who inspire me daily. ‘Insta inspo’ I call it. Of course, my favorites are the ones who consistently tag their shots’ locations, and include travel tips and commentary in their captions. Though I’m a highly visual person, a photo – curated or not – doesn’t tell me all I want to know about a place. I appreciate any extra info at my fingertips (literally).

I’ve also made some pretty stand-out friends on Insta who give me recommendations when I travel to places they’ve been. Some of these friends I’ve met. Some I haven’t. But to all, I’m grateful! Whenever I heed my Insta-friends’ travel advice, I’m always so happy I did! (Here’s hoping you all have Insta and in-person friends like that!)

So yeah. Instagram is my go-to travel hub. And these are just a few of the accounts that inspire me on the regular:



This feature account showcases a wide variety of stunning places around the world. I’m consistently awed and left wanting to go pretty much EVERYWHERE.



While also a feature account, Passion Passport is unique in its desire to tell stories – not only in the photo captions, but also on passionpassport.com. There, full-length travel essays are shared from travelers’ submissions, and each is a testament to what travel can teach us all about ourselves, other cultures, and God’s magnificent creation.



Yet another feature account. And, though each post only includes the photo’s location and the account name of the featured IGer, every single post is just so visually captivating that I can’t get enough!



I have mad love for Scott’s Cheap Flights in general, not just on Insta. So far, I’ve booked three separate European flights per Scott’s deal alerts. And these were mind-blowing deals: Orlando-Paris for $467, Miami-Barcelona for $440, and the upcoming Miami-Rome for only $390!!! But I digress. The @scottscheapflights IG account features photos from travelers who scored cheap flights thanks to Scott’s. I myself was featured a few months back after returning from Barcelona! Seeing all the features proves that international travel is feasibly affordable for all.

My photo featured on @scottscheapflights (Montserrat, Spain)



Okay. So this one appeals to me as a frequent solo female traveler. The account calls itself a “Community for Female Travelers finding their way” and I find it quite empowering. Seeing so many likeminded women in stunning places encourages me to embrace my wanderlust and just GO. To continue my quest to see as much of the world as possible. To live that arrow life I’ve been talking about.



Another girl power account, this one includes travel tips in the captions, with even more travel planning info and ideas on wearetravelgirls.com. And, you definitely don’t have to be a gal to appreciate sound travel advice. So guys, take note!



And, last but not least, I have to mention a non-feature account. I consider Todd at Visit50 one of my Insta-friends, and I love his positive energy and zest for travel. Todd’s objective: “inspiring you to visit 50 countries by age 50.” (Seriously cool, right??!) He’s visited 49 so far, and I’m in awe. (I also only have 16 more years to hit up 42 more countries, so I need all the inspiration I can get!) Read Todd’s blog Visit50.com for more on his adventures.

Okay. I lied. One more.

As a fellow Gulf Coast Florida girl, I was instantly drawn to Brittany’s account. She truly knows how to maximize the adventure potential of travel. And I’m all about adventure! Follow her for major #travelgoals.
I could go on, and on, and on with this list of IG accounts that inspire my travels. So, I’ll stop here. But know that this is by no means a comprehensive list. And, I’d love to know which IG accounts inspire you – so I can follow them, too! Spread that travel love!

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