17 Travel-Friendly Products on my Wishlist

The more I travel, the more I’d rather only shop for travel-friendly things. Clothing. Accessories. Travel necessities. Stuff that celebrates adventure and makes traipsing around the world more convenient.

Would it surprise you to know that I have a ‘wanderlust wishlist’? Because I do. If Travel Santa existed, this would be my list to him. Buuuut, he doesn’t. So, it’s basically my way to keep track of nifty gadgets, gear, and garments (have I mentioned I love alliteration??) I spot online… and then decide if and when to fit them into my budget. (Because wanderlusting is SO much easier when you stick to a budget!)

My current wishlist is a bit hodgepodge, so I’ll just share a handful of my faves, sort of, uh, somewhat organized by category.


Genius Pack 30” Spinner Upright

This is one smart suitcase. Spinner wheels are a must for navigating bustling airports and crowded metros. But the wheels are just a bonus. What I really love about this upright is its Laundry Compression Technology™. (So cool it’s trademarked!) Essentially, your laundry is compressed in a separate, removable bag to save space AND keep it from soiling your clean clothes. If that doesn’t WOW you, maybe label-friendly compartments and two-inch expansion capability will! I don’t know about you, but I always bring home more than I packed.


Blue JW Weekender

This over the shoulder/backpack hybrid is the carry on bag of my dreams! It opens flat like a regular suitcase, too, so no need to dig around the bottom for something you know is in there somewhere! The abundance of pockets and room for a 15” laptop are also major pluses. Oh, and this color combo is my fave. It has those vintage vibes I love!


Aspinal of London Classic Travel Wallet

This wallet is very much a splurge item, but I’m not just smitten with its chicness! It actually appeals to my neeeeeed to stay organized – especially when I travel. Disorganization hurts my brain, and would hurt even more so if I ever lost some cash, or a metro pass, or, heaven forbid, my passport! I love that all these things can fit in one sleek, smartly labeled spot – that I will guard with my life, because pickpockets.


Charlotte Russe Lace-Up Detail Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

It doesn’t matter where I’m headed; I inevitably get cold on planes. Rather than bring a bulky blanket, I just opt for layers, like an oversized sweatshirt or sweater. And comfort is queen! Of course, I still want to look somewhat put together, so I’m lovin’ this sweatshirt dress with lace-up detail. Plus, there’s a hood for when I actually try to sleep on the plane. Paired with leggings and booties – or even sneaks (see my next wishlist item) – this dress is basically IDEAL for travel.


Sperry 7 SEAS Sport Boat Shoe

For someone who typically only wears sneakers when I’m working out, I am completely and utterly in LOVE with these sporty Sperrys. Especially this black ‘n’ white combo. It’s classic and chic, without looking too ‘American tourist,’ and would pair well with multiple outfits (like that dress above!) for a variety of excursions – even hiking!


Built NY Bags

I already take my Built NY neoprene camo lunch bag on all my travels. (Sorry, it’s discontinued!) But Built NY has soooo many stylish and functional options for various adventures that I think I need another one. Problem is, I’m struggling to choose just one, so here are my top three:

Why I love: It functions as a lunch tote or hands-free carryall! Plus, that print is SO urban cool.

Why I love: While similar to my current tote, this one trumps mine with its removable shoulder strap AND interior pocket.

Why I love: My obsession with camo knows no bounds. It’s that Michigan upbringing. I swear! Anyway, this tote is special in that it holds a larger quantity of stuff – food stuff, purse stuff, any kind o’stuff. I’m also diggin’ the utilitarian look, removable crossbody strap, and interior mesh pocket.


STASH IT Love Bags

When traveling, I walk a LOT. Sometimes ALL day, which means carrying whatever I might need in my purse. But, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extras I might pick up along the way. Enter the STASH IT. This bag fits neatly into a tiny, space-saving pouch until it’s needed. Large enough to carry groceries, souvenirs, or even a jacket I may want to shed if I’m sweating (you know, from all that walking). And, you just can’t go wrong with classic stripes – though it does come in a variety of prints.


totes Titan® Mini Manual Umbrella with NeverWet® Technology

I spotted several SUPER-duper durable travel umbrellas online, but none are as compact as I’d like. When I say compact, I mean stashable in a small purse or bag. Space saving really is the ultimate goal of packing. This totes umbrella may have a loooooong name, but it folds down to just 6.5” – AND withstands 70 mph winds (max) AND stays 4x drier than a regular umbrella! No one ever wants to have to use an umbrella when traveling; but, if I need one, this 41” one will do nicely!



Wanderer Bracelets

Bracelets are definitely not a necessity, but these celebrate wanderlusting so I can’t help myself! While there are LOTS of styles to choose from, I’m partial to the Arrow Wrap Bracelet (shocking, right?) and the Custom Coordinates Bracelet (but oh, which coordinates to choose??).


S’well Bottle Cupid’s Arrow

This design is from the Love Collection, but I don’t see any hearts. Only arrows. It’s like it was made just for me and my arrow life! (Read this post if ‘arrow life’ has you scratching your head.) I already own a S’well bottle (without arrows) that keeps my water cold in the harshest conditions – aka. hot car in Florida… in the summer. Yeah. Water still cold. It’s magic!

Platypus Meta Bottle

As swell as S’well bottles are, they aren’t the most space saving option. So, I like this collapsible one, too, for times when I need to maximize every inch of space in my bag. Of course, it won’t keep my water cold like S’well, but it will keep me hydrated. And sometimes, that’s all that really matters.

Midnite MiniChamp Swiss Army Knife

Confession: I’ve never actually traveled with a knife. I also don’t want one for safety reasons (though that would be a secondary benefit). Really, I just like the idea of having tiny tools handy for those unpredictable travel moments. And this mini pocket knife has 18 different gadgets and gizmos – including an LED light, ballpoint pen, the all-important scissors, a ruler, and even an orange peeler!

LiteFuze 200W International Travel Power Voltage Converter

Having an adaptor/converter all-in-one is HUGE. I like knowing that my hair dryer won’t blow a fuse! Plus, this one has two outlets and two USB ports, because traveling always means charging and using multiple devices at the same time. While this may be slightly larger than most other adaptors, it’s still lightweight, comes with a carrying case, and the features are worth the extra bulk.

RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger

Oh my word. This thing is a BEAST. Yeah, it takes up to 15 hours to fully charge – but that allows you to charge your smartphone to 100% over 6 times. SIX times. So, I’m okay with the 15 hours. Just plan ahead and charge this sucker before a trip, and you’re good to go.

Again, these are just a few of my favorite travel-related things. The full list is annoyingly long and ever-changing, so basically not at all blog friendly.


Do you have a ‘wanderlust wishlist’? Did I inspire you to start one? If you have any favorite or coveted travel items, please share! I happily welcome recommendations!

(Oh, and this post is not sponsored by ANY of the companies mentioned. I honestly just want… no, NEED… these products in my life for adventuring.)

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