The Nomad’s Life for Me

Do you ever think about becoming a nomad? I do. Only every single day. Being nomadic perfectly fits that arrow life I’m always striving to pursue. Though I only just recently adopted the ‘arrow life’ label, it’s truly been my heart’s desire since I was a wee girl in tiny town Michigan, USA. I’m so …

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Adventuring at Blowing Rocks

The other night, I never went to bed. Instead, I went to Blowing Rocks. The first time I saw a photo of Blowing Rocks Preserve, I added it to my bucket list. And, funny thing. Once I did, I started noticing more and more Instagram photos of this rocky, limestone beach – many taken at …

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7 Must-Dos for My Next Trip to the Keys

How soon can I go back to the Keys?? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since my inaugural trip two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve also compiled a special Florida Keys bucket list to help me plan my next visit to that southernmost paradise. It’s definitely doable, but highly ambitious, so I may need …

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