Adventure with me!


Due to an insufficient number of enrollees, this trip will not be taking place. Stay tuned for future opportunities to travel with me!


Friends. I’m going to Scotland, and you’re invited!

But first, here’s how it happened…

Ten years ago, I visited Scotland. Well, I visited Edinburgh. And it was magical. Old town. New town. The castle. The people. All of it felt like a fairy tale. It was just enough of a taste that I knew I had to return… someday.

Here’s the thing, y’all. Someday, for me, is no longer a word I use lightly. I don’t say it thinking that the thing I want to someday do might happen. Nope. I say it with confidence and determination and add it to my bucket list to make it happen.

So anyway, Scotland someday is now Scotland March 2019 – thanks to an incredible opportunity with Narwhal Travel Company to lead a group of fellow adventurers on a journey through the Scottish Highlands, plus Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Narwhal Travel Company logo

The good folks at Narwhal not only let me choose where I’d like to go, they also allowed me to create my own itinerary for the trip. That’s right, this magical adventure trip to Scotland was carefully planned out by yours truly!

My Bio

In case you don’t already know, I looooooove researching and planning for trips. LOVE. And, after four solo trips to Europe in the past two years, plus a week exploring Hawaii with my dad, I have the whole adventure travel thing down to a science. If you’ve followed my social media accounts during any of those trips, or read my blog posts on Paris, Barcelona, Italy, or Switzerland – I hope you’d agree.

I also hope you’ve thought it might be fun to adventure with me because now’s your chance! Scotland. March 21-31, 2019. I want YOU to join me.

Trip Snapshot Page

As much as I enjoy solo trips, I knew from the moment I said someday that my next trip to Scotland would not be alone. I knew I’d want to share the adventure. Share the magic. So that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Take a gander at the full itinerary and details here. But first, lemme share some highlights, just to get you salivating:

  • Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Highlands
  • Hiking Ben Lomond (aka. “bagging a munro”)
  • Castles: Eilean Donan & Kilchurn Castle
  • Exploring the Isle of Skye
  • Learning to forage for food along the coast
  • Ax throwing / archery / paintball
  • Visiting the infamous Loch Ness

And the rest? Well, you’ll just have to read that itinerary.

Then, c’mon. Let’s go on an adventure! Together.

Sign up NOW.

2 thoughts on “Adventure with me!

    1. Hey Sheryl! Unfortunately, this trip was literally just canceled due to an insufficient number of travelers. I just updated the post. 🙂 If there are any future opportunities, I’ll definitely let you know!


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