Three Reasons to Visit Brussels, Belgium

I love Brussels. The sprouts and the city. Brussels sprouts can be a polarizing topic, though, so I’m gonna stick with Belgium’s capital. Whenever I visit a new city, I’m curious to find an underlying element that sets it apart from any other place I’ve experienced. What struck me about Brussels is its juxtaposition of …

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A Case for European Christmas Markets

I knowwwww Christmas is over, but it’s never to early to start planning for Christmas 2019. Right?? At least a small part of you knows I’m right. And that part of you needs to consider visiting at least one Christmas market in Europe this year. At least one. Preferably more. Definitely more. Trust me. When …

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Travel Blooper Stories

If you’ve ever looked at my travel photos (or anyone’s travel photos) and thought, "Wow. Traveling is easy, exciting, glamorous, living your best life…" well, that’s not wrong. It’s also not the whole truth. Travel can absolutely be easy when you’ve put the work into planning the trip. Travel can obviously be exciting when you’re …

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