Serious About Adventuring

Today, I felt like reflecting. I guess you could call this a #flashbackFriday -esque post. But really, it felt like time to take inventory of the adventures I’ve experienced since I got good and serious about adventuring. Good and serious back in May 2016. Prior to that point, I adventured. Oh sure! But I wasn’t …

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What It’s Like to Fly a Plane

Last Memorial Day weekend, skydiving changed my life! If you read that post (and this one… and this one) you know how much I looooove being in the air. So, this year, rather than jump out of a plane, I decided to cross another sky-related item off my bucket list: flying a plane. After a …

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Planes, Photography, & Grandpa

Who’s the most influential person in your life? If you asked me this age-old question, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer: My grandpa. Though he passed away in 2006 – when I was twenty-two – his impact on my life hasn’t faded. If anything, it’s grown stronger!     I could easily write a book on what I …

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