How I Define Adventure

You know why I live a life of adventure. (Or maybe you don’t, so READ IT.) But, adventures themselves aren’t one-size-fits-all. What constitutes an adventure for me might seem too boring, dangerous, odd, uncomfortable [insert word of choice] to you. And vice versa.

And, guys. I love that about adventuring. It is what you make it.

So, real quick, I thought I’d give you my own personal definition of adventure, and how it applies to me. I encourage you to do the same. Don’t Google the definition (but for real, I Google definitions for everything). Don’t pull out your Webster’s. Just ponder the word. How would you define ADVENTURE?

Here’s my take:

Adventure begins with the curiosity to look beyond the known, the innate inability to leave it unknown, and the courage to take action and explore it. To make it known.

Woman sitting on edge looking at the ocean
Woman standing at an overlook over Honolulu Hawaii

Since childhood, I’ve experienced a keen awareness of the world beyond my bubble. The world unknown. Along with that came a persistent itch to make it known. But it wasn’t until I mastered that third part—the courage and action—that I found my sense of adventure. Now that I found it, I’m never letting go. #adventurealways

This applies to the everyday stuff, too. Not just the world traveling or extreme activities (like skydiving). Remember that.

Beach path

So, what IS adventure… to you? I’d love to read your definition!

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