about the girl

Hey, y’all!

I’m Jayme, the girl behind the adventures. Welcome to my adventure travel blog.

You couldn’t keep a book out of my hands when I was a kid. Imagination was my mode of transportation for exploring the world and chasing adventure. I was desperate to go everywhere and do everything.

A few years back, adult me decided to stop dreaming and just go. Live near the beach – or the mountains. Make travel a priority. Hike. Skydive. Bungee jump. Seek adventure. Do all of the ‘someday’ things that were collecting dust on my bucket list. This blog is an account of my ‘just go’ experiences – my pursuit of truly living and loving life.

Check out my very first blog post for a more in-depth look at why I adventure. Then read Why I Adventure: Part II because… part II.

Pre-2020, my travels were mostly solo. Then, I met and married my adventure-loving husband, so I’m solo no more!

Home is Knoxville, Tennessee, where I’ve fully embraced my inner mountain girl. With the Smoky Mountains just an hour away, weekend hikes are now a regular thing.

So this is me, a Tennessee girl (+ her guy & our dog) with a passion for everyday and far away adventures.

You’re all gems for following along 🙂

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