Adventurous Things to Do If You’re Not Afraid of Heights

The title says it all.

My favorite adventures are the ones that get me up in the sky OR closer to it. Want proof? Here’s a compilation of past blog posts that speak to my love of all things skyward.

The Day I Became an Adrenaline Junkie—This goes all the way back to my college days and involves a helicopter.

How Skydiving Changed My Life

Woman tandem skydiving

That Time I Flew a Plane

White Cessna plane on the ground

My First-Ever Zipline Experience—between two mountain towns in southern Italy!

Woman ziplining

Bungee Jumping in Switzerland

Woman bungee jumping over a lake with snow capped mountains

My Hawaiian Hike Adventure

Woman hiking

And finally…

Yes, I Have a Thrill Ride Bucket List—may need to update this one!

Line of people next to a tall roller coaster

Are you a heights person, too? Which of the above activities have you tried—or have on your bucket list to try?

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