More Travel Bloopers

Since my December 2018 European travel bloopers were so well-received, I thought, Why not compile a list of top bloopers from some of my previous trips? So, I did. I think we all can relate to things not going as planned in life – and especially in travel because it puts us out of our …

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The Authentic Amalfi Coast Experience

Do you ever want to go all Secret Life of Walter Mitty and step right into photos? I do. Basically, all the time. But, I don’t just dream about all the places in the photographs. I add them to my bucket list and plan to actually GO – which is exactly how I wound up visiting the …

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Six Reasons I Have Mad Love for Minori, Italy

All those picturesque photos you see of the Amalfi Coast? The real thing is at least 100x more unbelievable. Trust me. I spent four days of my Italy trip here and my eyes and brain were at odds the entire time! Every millimeter (go metric system!) of that coastal road had me questioning reality… practically …

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