Paris: My First Female Solo Traveler Experience

Woman standing in front of Arc de Triomphe in Paris at night surrounded by traffic

If you read my previous post, you know all about my longtime obsession with Paris and its place at the top of my bucket list – or list of dreams, or whatever you call yours since some folks (ahem, my father) are weirded out by the concept of a before-you-kick-the-bucket list. Silly dad…

But, if you haven’t read my initial Paris post, stop reading this one right now and read that one first. Trust me.

Anyway. Paris.

Traveling to this classic, charming, couture, café-clustered capital city (alliteration, yo) was absolutely the fulfillment of my #1 childhood dream; but honestly, it became SO much more than that. You see, I also recently added ‘Solo International Trip’ to my bucket list – being a single, independent girl and all. And so, I booked my tickets to Paris, almost giddy with the thought that I’d be crossing TWO major items off my list.

Women standing in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris
The Eiffel Tower selfie

Of course, I’d traveled abroad in years past – Ireland, Scotland, England – but never alone. Solo travel intrigued me though, even when I wasn’t single. I admired girls who did it with such confidence, and imagined myself jetsetting off to some foreign destination with a mad thirst for adventure and passport in hand. Truthfully, my independent, adventurous, wandering soul had been aching for such an experience. So I went to Paris… solo. (Aaaaannd, the #yolosolotriptoParis hashtag was born.)

Women standing in front of Notre Dame in Paris
The Notre Dame selfie

And my, what a learning experience! Did I conquer any fears? No. I genuinely wasn’t afraid! Instead, I saw myself – the me I’d always known myself to be – in action. I proved to myself (to me alone!) that I was capable. That I AM capable. In essence, fulfilling my decades-old Paris dream became introspectively fulfilling in ways I hadn’t ever considered all those years I spent wishing and wanderlusting. It left me feeling empowered!

Women standing in front of The Louvre pyramid in Paris
The Louvre selfie

Even so, I assumed that this solo trip might be my one and only – a get-it-out-of-my-system type deal. But nope. It only intensified my craving for traveling alone (so much so that I traveled to Barcelona – by myself – in May. But, more on that later). Characteristically speaking, I am an ideal solo traveler: Comfortable being alone (read: Introvert). Keen sense of direction. Detailed plan-ahead-er. Fiercely independent. Adventurous. And, not one to relax on a lounge chair by the pool. For me, trips are go, go, GO, fit-as-much-as-you-can-into-the-time-you-have experiences, which I find both exhilarating and efficient. And yes, empowering!

Plate of escargot with cup of water and bread on a table cafe in Paris
Fine solo dining

Friends, if you can relate to any of the above, either treat yo’ self to that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of, or tell me about one you’ve already taken. Because, if you can relate, I know it’s either one or the other. We’re kindred spirits, after all!

And, even if solo travel isn’t your thing, you still have a warm place in my heart as a fellow wanderluster.

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