What I Wish I Did in Paris

Ever returned from a trip thinking about what you would have done if you’d had just one more day? Of course you have, right? It’s human nature to want just a little bit more.

Ok. So we’ve established that you think about this, too. But, would you rather enjoy your favorite experiences AGAIN? Or, cram all the things you didn’t have time for into a final, sleepless 24 hours?

Me? I definitely fall into that latter group more often than not. I’m all about the new experiences and doing as much as possible (or AMAP, which should totally be a thing!).

Take Paris, for example. Having only two days to explore, I absolutely thought about what I’d have done on a third day. In fact, I even made a list while on the plane back to Florida. You know, for that inevitable future trip. But don’t misunderstand. This isn’t a what-I-wish-I-would-have-done-instead-of-what-I-did list. Nope. It’s honest to goodness a list of what I would have done next.

Tree with no leaves in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

And now, I’m sharing that list with you.

What I would have done with an extra day in Paris

Montparnasse Tower

Start the day here for “the very best view of Paris,” rather than attempt to reach the top of Eiffel (because 1. No tickets; and 2. No way I’m wasting time waiting for a spot to open up). The best part? This skyscraper’s observation deck offers a panoramic view that includes the Eiffel Tower!

Place du Trocadéro

Walk to Eiffel, cross the Seine and spend at least an hour here, snapping shots of the iconic tower from all sorts of angles. Reflecting pool. Fountains. Gardens. Steps. Square-patterned tiles. All sorts of angles. (Search ‘Jardins du Trocadéro’ in Places on Instagram and you’ll see.)

Musée d’Orsay

Pop into d’Orsay and head straight to the Impressionist art. (Sorry, Louvre!) Go all fangirl over the Monets, then head to the top level for views of the city through that giant, transparent clock face. And, for photos that will probably look like these.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Pretend to be Belle and have my “nose stuck in a book”… or two. (No, I won’t bust out into song, but I certainly do think there’s so much “more than this provincial life!”)

Have you heard about this place? You can actually stay here for free. Yes, FREE. It’s called Tumbleweeding, and requires reading one book a day, working in the shop for a few hours, and writing a one-page autobiography which will be added to the already overflowing archives from Tumbleweeders past. For my next trip to Paris, I’m so doing this. And so should you. Read all about it here.


After a quick pit stop to see that Louve pyramid again (and hang with the pigeons), head here to play among the black and white candy-striped columns in the palace’s courtyard. Google Les Colonnes de Buren and you’ll want to play here, too.


Hop on the Metro and zip on over to the 18th arrondissement for views from Sacré-Coeur on the hill. (Gimme all the views!) Attempt to time this with sunset.

French Wine

Order a fine French wine at dinner. Frugal me chose not to indulge in a glass on Day One or Two. But, Day Three me in Paris totally would—with bread and cheese, of course.

So, there you have it. My ‘If I had another day in Paris’ list. It’s impossibly ambitious, I know. But absolutely doable in my mind. Like I said, it’d be a sleepless 24 hours, and I’m totally okay with that. Sleep?? On vacation?? Nawww. That’s what the flight home is for.

What would you do if you had another day on your most recent trip?

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