How to Become a Nomad: Best Tip

Do you ever think about becoming a nomad?

I do. Only every single day. Being nomadic perfectly fits that arrow life I’m always striving to pursue.

Though I only just recently adopted the ‘arrow life’ label, it’s truly been my heart’s desire since I was a wee girl in tiny town Michigan, USA. I’m so not exaggerating when I say I was born with a wandering soul. In fact, I’m 100% certain that God created me with the desire to wander the world—and I fully trust Him as my tour guide wherever I go.

Of course, with each adventure comes an even stronger pull to up and live that arrow lifestyle (ie. just GO and become one of those full-time nomads).

Right now, I travel whenever I can, regularly explore places close to home, and strive to fully LIVE my life. And, while this is certainly a version of arrow living, it’s not the diehard, all-in version I know I’m meant to live. It’s not a matter of if, just when. But more and more frequently, I feel that pull to uproot, forego earthly possessions, and focus on a higher purpose—whether encouraging others to travel, joining likeminded folks to positively impact the world, or simply putting into perspective what truly matters in life.

Like so many things, becoming an ‘arrow life’ nomad is easier said than done. At some point, I will just have to take a leap—but preparation makes the landing a bit softer, I think! I’m talking saving money, considering alternative means of income, and choosing ideal (and affordable!) home bases.
That last prep step is the trickiest one, really. So, when a friend introduced me to the website The Earth Awaits, I practically jumped for joy! This website does all the hard work for you—calculating expenses, researching city stats, and considering lifestyle and cultural needs. Basically, you plug in some preferences, click SEARCH, and voila! Instant, detailed results. Places you could feasibly call home—between adventures, that is.

Though I urge you to explore the website and give this tool a go, here’s a heads up on the ‘basic criteria’ you’ll want to consider—if you haven’t already:

  • Monthly budget ($0 – $20k)
  • Family size (Just you? Spouse? Kids?)
  • Apartment type (# of bedrooms? City? Suburbs?)
  • Lifestyle (Ranging from basic necessities to finer things)
  • Crime rate
  • Pollution
  • Continents (Choose one or all!)

Advanced categories include preferences like: quality of life, language, health care options, climate, and even Internet speeds.

So yeah. Plug in your preferences, and filter your results by any one of the criterion you set. You can also view the results as a list, or on a map! If you’re anything like me, I’m pretty confident you’ll be in heaven playing with this unique search tool—adjusting and readjusting your preferences to see what new, exciting places are recommended for you.

But wait. There’s more! (Don’t you just love hearing that?? Unless it’s a scam. But this isn’t!) The Earth Awaits offers a second tool that helps you travel the world FOR FREE. Enter your origin and destination airports, along with a few other details, and the results will “show you great, free ways to get there.” Now, granted, these “ways” suggest credit card offers and airline rewards programs… but still. Free is free, so it’s worth a search, right?

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to check out this site… GO, actually check it out! Then, let me know where your new home base should be.

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