When I Just Don’t Feel Like Adventuring

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like adventuring. Whaaaaaaa??? Did I really just say that?

Yeah. I really did.

Sometimes… some days… I’d maybe rather take a nap or just veg out than go for a nature walk or catch a sunset at the beach. And, ya know, sometimes that’s okay. I’m all about listening to my body. But sometimes, those times when all I want to do is NOTHING are the times when adventure is exactly what I need. You feel me?

Case in point. Friday night, I was tired. After a full week of work, I went grocery shopping, stopped at AAA for an International Driver’s Permit (Italy trip, yo!), chopped up all my veggies for next week, and just felt like zoning out in front of the TV. I also desperately needed a beach sunset. It had been three weeks since my last one, and I knew I’d regret not going. So, I ignored every instinct to plop my butt down on the couch to watch a mindless chick flick, and I went.

It wasn’t without a little blind faith, though.

When I set off for the beach, the sky was grey. For a moment, I entertained thoughts of turning the car around. It won’t be a pretty sunset, I reasoned. Not worth the time or gas. But I shushed that negative, nagging voice and stayed on course.Lido Grey Skies.jpeg

The greyed sky didn’t magically brighten by the time I arrived at Lido Beach. But, I was there, determined to walk to the north end and back. And, once I started walking, all the happy place beach feelings took over and I didn’t mind the grey. Then the sun peeked out for a bit and this happened.Lido Fisherman.jpeg

Along the way, I found other little bits of happiness that made me increasingly thankful I wasn’t vegging at home. I’d known deep down that I needed this walk, even if the sunset was just okay.Lido Jellyfish.jpegLido Tide Pool.jpeg

But, then… just after the sun’s descent I saw a hint of color. Nah, I thought. These clouds are all wrong for any sort of afterglow. It was I who was wrong, because those clouds? They were all right for the best sort of afterglow—the kind with more pink hues than you thought you knew existed. Lemme stop using words and just show you.Lido Afterglow

Lido Fallen Tree
Lido Stump

That is what I would have missed from the couch in my condo had I opted to stay home. I so did NOT regret adventuring even when I didn’t feel like it. Instead, I left the beach with a renewed spirit and a spring in my step.

And, next time I don’t feel like adventuring, I only need to show myself these photos, and off I’ll go – beach bound!

Do you ever experience the vegging out vs. adventuring dilemma? Which side usually wins?

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