Instameeting: Making Friends on Instagram

Instagram is the place to meet people these days.

I realize this is probably old news to many of you, but still worth mentioning because I have met some of THE most incredible people I wouldn’t know otherwise!

So, lemme tell you about last Sunday afternoon. I jumped at the chance to meet up with two local Instagram gals (@brittwilltravel & @beachdaywithsam) at nearby Beer Can Island. And, by meet up, I mean for the first time. We all share an affinity for adventure AND the beach, so this spot at the tip of Longboat Key was the ideal place to meet.

And guys, the three of us just clicked. Instant, Insta-friends. By the end of the day, we were already planning our next adventure!

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a look at our afternoon on Beer Can. We explored the shoreline, tried our hand at tightrope walking, and even took turns on a rope swing hanging over the Gulf! As one who frequents the beach solo, it was such a treat to share the day with these two adventure girls and their hearts of gold!

Woman attempting to walk a tightrope on the beach
This guy made tight rope walking look easy. I couldn’t even get up there!
Two women walking on a fallen tree on the beach
Two women in bathing suits posing on the beach
Woman swinging over the ocean
Makeshift swing over the beack
Two women walking on the beach

We’d planned to stay for sunset, but fast-moving thunder clouds had us packing up early. Back at the pier—and much closer to our cars—we had time to snap photos of the storm.

Women on a beach pier taking a photo

Seriously. How did we make friends before Instagram??? I met some truly special people that day, all thanks to Insta!


How ’bout you? Has Instagram led you to meet any exceptional people? 


4 thoughts on “Instameeting: Making Friends on Instagram

  1. That still counts! Any meeting that starts with a social media friendship and leads to a face-to-face definitely applies here. It’s basically the best way to meet like-minded people from all over the world!


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