How Traveling Solo Makes Me a Better Travel Partner

Wanna discover your travel personality? Travel solo.

After traveling to Europe solo three times this year, I certainly proved that I am the ideal solo traveler. But, more importantly, I learned just what sort of traveler I am—which is really good to know for those times when I actually do travel with others. And, you know what? Ironically, solo travel has made me a better travel companion, because of what it’s taught me. And here’s what I learned:

I fully embrace that travel state of mind.

My Airbnb host from Minori, Italy put it best. He said, “You lived this experience not just as a holiday but as a journey, which is very different.” Though I subconsciously knew this about myself, having it pointed out by someone else was eye opening. Gosh, he was so right. For me, travel is a journey—a chance to learn, and grow, and explore, and truly LIVE. And I want nothing less than the same for anyone I travel with.

Woman holding up fist in triumph with Italian town in the background
Ravello, Italy
Women with hands up looking at a mountain view
Montserrat in Spain

I know when to be silly and laugh at myself.

Guys? I’m a serious source of entertainment. From struggling to figure out how to open doors… to getting out of line at the Eiffel Tower because I thought I was in the wrong line (then having to wait ALL over again)… to chatting it up with stray cats in Italy… to dodging traffic and kneeling in the street for that perfect arrow shot. Basically, travel with me promises plenty of unexpected laughs and random silliness.

Cat in Florence Italy
Florence, Italy
Black cat on a path
Minori, Italy
Small tiger gray cat
Minori, Italy. Seriously talked to all these cats… And more!
White hotel in Italy
Amalfi, Italy

I find beauty in the unexpected detours.

While driving in Italy, I literally took the road less traveled—thinking it was the detour I needed to bypass a road closure. Not only did it add nearly an hour to my drive, it also somehow took me right back to that blasted road closure… where I realized that the real detour was right in front of my face. My normally brilliant sense of direction had failed me! But, instead of berating myself or brooding over lost time, I was oh so thankful for the enchanting countryside I would have missed, had I not taken that first, horribly wrong detour. Travel with me, and you’ll always see the bright side!

Narrow rural road in Italy
Somewhere in rural, southern Italy
Sunset in southern Italy

I don’t mind alone time.

Obvi for a solo traveler. I know. But, when traveling non-solo, I definitely don’t mind splitting up when it makes sense. Liiiike, when we just wanna do two different things. Rather than waste time doing both things together, or playing rock, paper, scissors to see who wins, going it alone for a few hours can be the smarter choice.

I actually enjoy all that travel planning stuff.

Yup. I’m that person. The one who should’ve been a travel agent. Coordinating flight schedules, confirming check-in times, checking train routes, and verifying hours and ticket costs for attractions. I geek out on ALL of it. So hey, travel buddies! If you suck at the planning or just plain hate it, lean on me.

So there. That’s how solo travel has made me a person you’d (hopefully!) want as a travel partner. Full disclosure, I wrote this to convince the Travelocity Roaming Gnome to travel with me. But, eh, I’m game to adventure with you, too. As you should have figured out by now, I am always ready to travel. Just say the word!

3 thoughts on “How Traveling Solo Makes Me a Better Travel Partner

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  2. Yessss! I found myself agreeing to nearly everything you wrote! Travel is just as much about the journey!

    I agree with nearly every section for me, except…
    1 exception is that I actually don’t love doing the planning the details. Perhaps that means we’d be great travel partners!


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