Is Solo Travel for You? Take My Ultimate 7 Question Quiz

How could you travel to a foreign country by yourself??!!

It’s a question I hear a LOT. And, I’m not surprised. Intimidation definitely deters many from solo travel— especially international solo travel! Even seasoned travelers aren’t exempt.

Preference also plays a major role here. You may have no desire to travel solo, and that’s perfectly fine. Whether you have a travel buddy or just know it’s not for you, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to take a solo trip. (You’re still okay in my book!)

But, if you do feel that inner longing to up and go to a foreign country alone—do NOT let intimidation keep you from living that dream. Consider me your motivation.

Woman in sunglasses standing at the top of Sant Jerone in Spain
Sant Jeroni, Montserrat (Spain)

Now, some of you might be thinking, Okay, so I want to travel to a foreign country by myself… but do I have what it takes to actually do it?? Excellent question. And, while I do believe that anyone who wants to can absolutely have a successful trip (read my post on solo travel tips here) it doesn’t hurt to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

So, I created a fun (?) and completely non-scientific quiz to help you determine whether you’d be a successful solo traveler. No pencil or paper required.

Ultimate Solo Travel Quiz

Question 1: Are you comfortable being alone for extended periods of time?

Though it depends on the length of your trip, this is kind of a biggie. You may go miles without spotting a single soul, or have very little interaction with anyone you do see—and being okay with this means you won’t easily feel lonely… or bored!

Question 2: Are you good with directions?

If you’re completely comfortable reading a map—or often ditch your map—and rarely find yourself lost even in a new place, you got this.

Question 3: Are you a savvy problem solver?

Inevitably, travel is not without its challenges. But, if you score high in critical thinking and resourcefulness, you’ll be better prepared for any potential setbacks—whether major or minor.

Question 4: Are you independent?

Yes, this is different than feeling comfortable alone. Being independent involves the drive and confidence to accomplish things for yourself, by yourself. If this is you, I get you, I really do. And, I know that you’ll likely want to prove that you can do this: travel to a foreign place, thoroughly enjoy the experience, and make it back unscathed.

Question 5: Are you responsible?

This one’s a two-parter, folks. And be honest:

  • Are you an adequate planner—even at a macro level? Nothing crazy like planning a large-scale event. I’m talking putting appointments on your calendar, making to-do lists, and Google searching stuff in advance. That sort of planning.
  • Are you good at adulting? If you pay your bills on time, remember to feed your cat, and can adhere to some semblance of a schedule, you can answer YES.

Question 6: Are you observant?

Danger isn’t lurking around every corner. But a little awareness goes a long way in making wise, safe choices. If you’re in the habit of paying attention to your surroundings, you’re less likely to be a target for any foul play.

Question 7: Are you adventurous?

(Saved the best for last!) Should ‘Adventure’ be your middle name? Do you just wanna see the world? Are you a nonstop, don’t-waste-time, when-in-Rome, always-be-exploring sorta traveler? Then HELLOOOO  fellow adventurer! Finding someone who matches your level of adventure can pose a challenge, which make solo travel even more ideal for the likes of us!

Feet with black tennis shoes dangling over the side of a cliff
Sant Jeroni views

Alright. Quiz complete. Now, it’s evaluation time.

Again, this is 100% just for fun—but my goal here is to make you think. Assess yourself. Is traveling solo something you desire to do? Is it something you should do?

If you answered YES to questions 1, 4, and 7, I firmly believe that solo travel is in your blood. As in, it’s basically inevitable, so dooooo it! And, if you also answered YES to questions 2, 3, 5, and 6, you should reeeeealllly do it!

Even if you didn’t answer YES to all seven questions, I think #1 and #7 are the most important factors in determining whether solo international travel is for you. Do the rest help? Absolutely! But, what you lack in those areas, you can certainly make up for with guts and gumption.

So, how’d you score? Have I convinced you to take a solo trip to a foreign place? Do let me know!!

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