The Controlled Chaos that is My Bucket List

If you’re reading my adventure blog, I imagine you have some sort of bucket list.

Mine seems to grow longer as I cross things off. The more I do, the more I’m exposed to – and the more I realize I want to do. Please tell me you can relate! Let’s be crazy bucket listers together, k?



With all the new additions to my list, I find myself rewriting it far too frequently. And who has time for that?! So, I finally decided it’d be super smart to, ummmm, actually type it out. You know, like in a Word document, saved on my computer. (I’m so old school when it comes to making lists. Something about writing everything out in my own handwriting just makes it more personal. But, in this case, so not practical.) So yeah, a typed bucket list. I have one now.

But how to organize it?! That’s an ongoing challenge. Just adding new things to the end is SO hodgepodge and my brain craves structure. In an attempt (most likely a futile attempt) to manage the chaos, I’ve grouped my list into categories. It’s still pretty jumbled – to my standards anyway – but much less so than it used to be.

And, I tried to keep it simple. Four categories: PLACES, EXPERIENCES, FOOD, and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. But, within the categories… so many things.

I suppose now you want to see all the things, right? Well, lemme save you some time – a lot of time! – by giving you just a peek (a tiny peek) at the controlled chaos that is my bucket list. Because time is a valuable commodity. Your welcome.

In no particular order, here is your peek:


  • Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland (I mean, just look at it!)
  • Lucerne, Switzerland (the epitome of picturesque)
  • Charleston, South Carolina* (for the southern, coastal charm + historical sites)
  • Florida Keys* (still haven’t been!!)
  • Philippines (where my grandpa was stationed during WWII)





  • Gelato in Italy*
  • Drink Guinness in Ireland (ironically, I’ve been there, but didn’t drink any!)
  • Chicken and waffles* (kinda silly to even put it on the list, but I do want to try it)
  • Eat at Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Vegas (been to Vegas, didn’t eat there. boo.)
  • Cook a turkey on Thanksgiving

    Paris in Vegas



  • Start a nonprofit
  • Learn to sew
  • Have my artwork published or hung in a gallery (at least one piece)
  • Go on a missions trip
  • Live abroad (at least temporarily)

* All the asterisks indicate the items I plan to cross off the list within the next year. Be inspired!

And, for added motivation, I’ll leave you with a handful of items I already crossed off my bucket list:


Flying lesson (my instructor took over while I snapped this shot)

Savannah, GA City Hall




What are some top items on your bucket list? Do you categorize your list, too?

3 thoughts on “The Controlled Chaos that is My Bucket List

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