My 2018 Bucket List

Where to next?

I get that question a lot, especially after traveling solo to Europe three times in 2017. And, to be honest, I actually already have three trips scheduled between now and mid-March. That’s right. I’m not wasting any time in 2018.

But the short answer? San Francisco, mid-January.

Back in November, I snagged a roundtrip flight from Tampa to San Francisco for $108. Yes, $108. Roundtrip. No typos. This’ll be my first time in SF, and guess what? I’m not going it alone this time! (Surprised?) My youngest sister, Jenessa, and our honorary sis, Kristen, are flying from Michigan to meet me there.

So that’s trip #1.

Trip #2 is actually a work retreat that takes me back to the West Coast just a week and a half after San Fran – but not to California. We’re staying in Washington state. Another first for me. (Both visiting that state AND traveling out of state for work.)

So, what’s trip #3? That would be Hawaii… the third first for 2018.

Earlier this week, our team at Scott’s Cheap Flights sent a deal alert for flights to Hawaii in the $300s roundtrip. Hawaii is on my bucket list. I just didn’t expect to cross it off my list this year. But, for $374??? It would have been foolish NOT to buy the ticket. So I did, for early March. Aloha, O’ahu!

That’s all I got so far. But it’s a good start, eh?

I’ve decided to make this the official Year of Bucketlisting. You know, like the “Summer of George” on Seinfeld? The idea is to cross at least one item off my bucket list each month. And it doesn’t have to be travel. I have a LOT of non-travel items on the list, too.

So, here’s a rough idea of potential items to cross off for the remainder of the year. Let’s call them goals.

In no particular order, they are:

  • Charleston, SC – specifically for Charleston Fashion Week (I applied as a volunteer. Fingers crossed!)
  • Toronto & Niagara Falls
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
  • Labor Day walk on the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan
  • Bungee jumping – potentially in Costa Rica
  • Camping at the beach all night
  • Shooting range – I’ve never been to one!

I’ll no doubt revise this list a zillion times, and improvise as I go. But again, it’s a good start, no?

What are your 2018 bucket list goals? Do you already have plans to cross anything off?

4 thoughts on “My 2018 Bucket List

  1. I do work for Scott’s Cheap Flights now! SCF changed my life when I was just a subscriber, so I love helping others fulfill their travel goals, too!

    And you are a serious inspiration! I have lots of world left to see. But one country at a time, right? Of the places you’ve visited, what are, say, your top 10? Cities Or countries in general.


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