What Sort of Travel Personality Are You?

I’m not one to pay attention to horoscopes or trust the zodiac for decision making, but this recent Travel+Leisure article, Where You Should Travel Solo, Based on Your Zodiac Sign, caught my attention – specifically the words Travel and Solo. If you read my #yolosolotriptoParis post, you know my fondness for solo trips abroad, and I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations. So, I read the article, purely out of curiosity.

What I didn’t expect was how accurately it described me, based on my zodiac sign. Aries mind blown. It was so dead on, I have to share:

“Never the ones to sit back and relax, Aries are a driven, motivated bunch who live life with zest and enthusiasm. Their optimism is contagious, and often come across as playful. They are always searching for the next interesting activity or hobby that will surely turn heads. This sign wouldn’t be caught dead relaxing on a beach for a week straight – they want to go where the action is.”

Reading this, I silently nodded my head with each statement (not in public, though I’d still have nodded if I was). The last sentence even made me laugh, because, while I’m a regular beachgoer, I’m absolutely NOT a beach lounger. I walk and explore and snap photos, and only keep a towel in my trunk to wipe my feet off when I leave.

It’s the same when I travel – no lounging. I’m a go-go-go, see-as-much-as-I-can-in-the-time-that-I-have sort of traveler. From the outside looking in, it would appear that I don’t relax on vacation; but, in truth, traveling in GO mode energizes me! And, I do take time to appreciate each point along the journey. It’s just that the drive to see it all keeps me from burning daylight.

Case in point. I planned a rather ambitious itinerary for my three days in Barcelona, and managed to knock out every single item on the list – walking at least ten miles per day in the process, which allowed me to enjoy soooo many more city sights, and pause whenever a view struck my fancy. (Like this one.)

Woman in sunglasses looking out at the water from a higher view.

Here’s a peek at just Day Two of my trip, along with a map marking my path. (Those dashes indicate the times I did give in and use the Metro.)

Map of Barcelona showing travel route with red arrows

I shared my full Barcelona itinerary – complete with recommendations! – in these three posts: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

But now, I’m curious. What sort of traveler are you? Do you fit the Aries description? Are you a leisure-all-the-way vacationer? Or, maybe a hybrid of the two?

Take a moment to read the T+L article and let me know if your zodiac sign’s description fits you, too!

4 thoughts on “ What Sort of Travel Personality Are You?

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  3. I’ll take a look at the post!
    For beaches I’m into both. In Crete I spent the entire day at the beach climbing the rocks and appreciating the gorgeous view (and like you, photographing them, and you’ll notice on my IG). I’ve also been happy chilling and reading or just soaking in the beauty and letting my mind do the wandering


  4. Sometimes a rest is needed for body and soul. Though the rock climbing sounds pretty appealing! I guess I feel like I’m rested (aka. lazy) enough at home, so when I travel I crave all the adventure!


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