Pre-Travel Anticipation

The anticipation of a trip.

You know what I’m talking about. It starts the moment you make plans to go anywhere away from home—and lasts until you actually go. It’s basically travel-induced impatience, consuming you ALLLLLLL the days leading up to a trip. Day after day spent wishing time would just hurry the heck up. And the feelings only intensify the closer you get to your departure date.

Plane wing in the sky at sunset

I’m certainly no stranger to this all-consuming impatience for upcoming travels. In fact, much of my life could be sorted into two categories: ‘actually traveling’ and ‘longing for the next trip’. Much of my life… until sometime last summer. It was then that I noticed a shift in my perspective, and it sort of thrilled me.

Looking back, I see now what prompted it. The shift. Partly, it stemmed from getting all introspective and starting this blog. (Read my first post HERE.) But mostly, it grew out of my renewed conviction to pursue God above all else. Even travel.

I know God designed me with a fiery passion to explore the world. And I know it pleases Him to see me happily fulfilling this passion He gave me. But… I still felt consumed by anticipation before each trip until I finally fully acknowledged God as my one true source of happiness.

Then, POOF. Perspective changed.

Okay, so it wasn’t anything magical like that. And it definitely didn’t squelch my excitement for adventure and exploration. In fact, I feel more adventurous now than ever before—because I realized it’s a mindset, not a destination.

Cliché as it sounds, this truth set me free. I no longer feel overpowered by anticipation – by the desperate desire to fast forward time between my travels. That sort of anticipation says, “I’m not content with the now. If only I could skip my regular life and live in the major moments, I’d be so much happier.” But what a lie that is. And what a sad way to live.

My newfound perspective says, “I’m no longer living solely for those major (travel) dates on my calendar. Instead, I’m focused on living between them, too, so that as they come and go, my happiness doesn’t waver.”

No more impatience. No more wishing time away. Do I still anticipate? Absolutely! I’m all smiles for my upcoming trip to Switzerland. But the pre-travel eagerness isn’t consuming me like it used to. I find myself more content, more grateful for every single day, and more present to be joyful when I’m simply living life.

Woman wearing sunglasses with earbuds, walking on a bridge with a water view
A favorite walking spot at home in Sarasota, FL

It’s a hopeful anticipation that sees LIFE as the adventure. And boy do I feel free.

Woman in striped shirt and distressed shorts, with hands up and an ocean view in the background
Diamond Head Crater hike, Honolulu

“It’s funny how you find you enjoy your life, when you’re happy to be alive.” ~ Relient K

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