Why I Adventure

I was born with a restless soul. An itch to explore. A drive to go beyond the bubble of everyday life. A passion to truly live and love this life God gave me.

After years spent dreaming of how this life should look, I became uncomfortably aware that it would only ever be a dream if I didn’t take action… that dreams do not come true by some form of luck or magic, but rather by intentional effort and a will to succeed.

It’s clear to me now that living the life of my dreams means to never, ever be stagnant. I can be still – to listen, observe, and learn – but never stagnant. It’s this mantra that draws me to arrows, the universal symbol for direction. Even better than a green light, an arrow always encourages forward motion and points directly toward the right path. An arrow says: GO! Move! This way! Follow me! And so, I follow, forever in pursuit of my God-given dreams so that each becomes reality.

Though the arrow metaphor applies to all areas of life, I do love that it quite literally embodies the spirit of adventure! And, as an adventurer, I’ve fully embraced the arrow as my personal symbol, which means I’m asking you to follow me!

Follow me as I share my adventures. I hope to inspire you, inform you, engage with you, and learn from you – my fellow adventurers at heart. And, I also hope you never look at an arrow the same way again.

Arrow Path


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