Don’t Do It for the Gram

Are we Instagramming because we travel, or do we travel so we can Instagram?

I was struck by this question in the opening of a recent Robb Report article, titled: Instagram is Changing the Way We Travel (and Not Necessarily for the Better). While I won’t give you a full summary of the article (read it if you want!) I will tell you how I’d answer this question.

As much as I enjoy sharing my adventures on IG, that’s not why I travel. Not for likes and follows. Not to become Instafamous. Nope. I travel for me. To understand the world beyond myself. To go and see and do and grow and learn. Because there’s no point in creating a bucket list just to stare at it. I want to LIVE it.

Instagram gives me plenty of inspiration for my bucket list. But no photo will ever substitute for the in-person experience. Not for me, anyway. And that’s why I Instagram.

The photos and captions I share are me living my life. Going and seeing and doing and growing and learning. With enthusiasm! I share these photos to inspire you to do the same. Maybe not in the same ways or in the same places – but to live YOUR life in passionate pursuit of YOUR dreams. Don’t just stare at your bucket list or a two-dimensional snapshot on Instagram and wish it could be real. Make it real. The power is in your hands.

Sure, likes and follows are uplifting and encouraging. I won’t deny that. But if only one person is inspired by something I post, I’ll consider it worthwhile. And, if nothing else, my IG account has become a capsule of memories for my own benefit. A diary of sorts, to record my progress and keep me moving forward. Ever onward in this arrow life of mine.

So yes. I Instagram because I travel. Not the other way around. I aim to be as real as possible – so what you see is an ordinary, adventure-loving girl, choosing each day to maximize the time God has gifted to me. A choice that anyone can make. And I sincerely hope that you do.

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