Why I (mostly) Travel Solo

A lot of people ask me why I travel solo.

And, I’ve probably partially answered this question in past blog posts. But here’s the complete answer. All in one post.

First, the obvious. I’m single. I decided not to wait till there’s a guy in my life to see the world. Would I love to share my travels with a special someone? Absolutely. But I don’t neeeeed a guy—or anyone else—to enjoy a travel adventure.

Woman sitting on a stone wall overlooking a city
Timed selfie in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

It’s not that I don’t like people! I’m just an independent introvert by nature. Being alone really doesn’t bother me. So, traveling alone really doesn’t bother me.

And. Well. It’s just uncomplicated. I’m well aware that the way I travel isn’t exactly normal. Take my May 2018 trip to Switzerland. I went bungee jumping. In December 2018, I visited four countries in a week and walked a total of 70 miles. When I adventure, I adventure HARD. It’s tough to expect anyone else to travel like that alongside me. And, it’s tough for me to NOT travel that way.

Woman hiking by a waterfall and giving a peace sign
Hours of hiking in Switzerland

I’m also a frugal traveler. I tend to shun the fancy restaurants. Forego wine with dinner. Avoid places with entrance fees. Skip paying for tours. While I do make exceptions, they are indeed exceptions. Again, I wouldn’t want to deny a fellow traveler the pleasure of an indulgence or experience simply because I don’t want to. And, I really wouldn’t want to give in and spend the extra money. Soooo, it just seems easier to go by myself.

Plate of meat, potatoes, and vegetables
Cooked dinner in my Airbnb
Silhouette of a woman standing in front of the Louvre Pyramid at night
Didn’t go inside The Louvre

There’s also the whole coordinating schedules thing. Because I work remotely, my travel dates are typically very flexible. I know that’s not the case for most people, though. I also know that flight deals tend to disappear quickly. When a price-is-right deal pops up to a place I want to go, trying to confirm dates with someone else means risking that the price will jump before I book. Typically, I’ll book my flight and then maybe ask a few people if they can go—IF the deal is still available. Last year, when I booked Hawaii for March 2018, I initially thought I’d be going solo. Then, a few weeks before the trip, my dad decided to come along. I am thrilled he was able to go, and we had a daddy/daughter trip I know we’ll both cherish forever! But, here’s the kicker. I paid $374 for my roundtrip ticket to Honolulu… and he paid over $1,000! Point is, I only travel when there’s a flight deal and coordinating dates is difficult and there’s no guarantee the deal will stick around long enough for someone else to go with me.

Woman on a metro
That solo metro life

Honestly, sometimes I feel like there should be an application and interview process for people to travel together. OR, at least a required travel compatibility test, you know? If you’ve ever argued with or been annoyed by your travel partner(s) on a trip, I’m pretty sure you do know!

All that said, I’m absolutely not opposed to traveling with like-minded adventurers! After five solo trips, I guess I’ve given y’all a pretty good idea of how I travel. How I adventure. A good idea of what you’d be getting yourself into if you DO travel with me.

Not for you? No biggie. We can still be friends!

BUT. If you like my adventure style. If you’re ALL in, thinking “Giiiiirl, where do I apply???”—let’s go! But first, how ‘bout we go take that compatibility test. K? 😉

**Update 6/2020: I no longer travel solo because I met the love of my life. Still, I hope this helps anyone thinking about traveling solo.

6 thoughts on “Why I (mostly) Travel Solo

  1. We travel very much alike and I 100% prefer traveling solo too! (Unless there’s someone exactly like me). Sometimes I forget to invite people to simple hikes near me because I’m so use to going alone haha. Keep doing you, girl 🙂

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    1. Oh, whoops! I’m clearly behind on reading comments! I think we travel a lot alike, too 🙂 And I’m the same when it comes to going to the beach or for a walk. I’m so used to going alone and sometimes I don’t decide where I’m going till the last minute… and I’m just used to that freedom. Glad we get each other!

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  2. brian johns

    Hey Jayme,

    I hope you are doing well!

    Not sure how many have noticed but I deleted Facebook and Instagram off my phone (not permanently) about 7 weeks ago or something like that. I needed a break and I’ve been enjoying it.

    But I’ve also enjoyed reading these updates from you here whenever I get the chance even tho I am not on instagram. This one in particular is great. I know we have chatted before, but I can relate to you in many regards as far as almost everything you said for traveling solo.

    Kind of off topic, but I’ve been reading extensively. I’ve always been a lover of books but this social media fast has me reading more then ever. And what ties into your post from that is how much it reminds me I enjoy solitude, not just for travel but just being in my own thoughts and imagination.

    Anyways, thanks again for the updates. Look forward to seeing your posts when I sign back on. Hope your travels have been amazing as well as your holidays. And hope to chat soon 😊

    Brian johns

    On Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 5:48 PM adventure and the girl wrote:

    > Jayme posted: “A lot of people ask me why I travel solo. And, I’ve > probably partially answered this question in past blog posts. But here’s > the complete answer. All in one post. First, the obvious. I’m single. I > decided not to wait till there’s a guy in my life to see” >

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    1. Hey Brian! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this! I’m glad this post resonated with you, and I definitely see similarities in how we travel. Solitude can be very beneficial and necessary for rejuvenation and definitely for creative purposes! Happy to see you back on Instagram and I hope your hiatus from social media was exactly what you needed 🙂


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