Why Traveling with Me Isn’t for Everyone

Solo travel is a polarizing topic.

You’ve either done it / want to do it / applaud folks who do. OR, you think they’re crazy.

And if you’re in the latter group, I’m not mad. In fact, I think it does take some level of crazy to embark on a trip by yourself. Especially an international one.

Solo travel just isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay!

After seven solo international trips, I can vouch that traveling solo is tough on multiple levels. And honestly, I think that makes it more appealing to me. Gosh, I love a challenge – though that’s not the only reason I often go it alone. You can read my full answer here.

As I hinted in that post, I’m also pretty certain traveling with me isn’t for everyone either. Friends, I travel HARD. For me, a trip is a chance to see and experience as much as possible in whatever time I have. While I do relax here and there, my default mode is GOOOO.

These stats from my recent, November 2019 solo trip are proof. In the two weeks I spent in Europe, I…

  • visited 5 countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, & Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • drove 1,700 miles: the equivalent of driving from Miami, Florida to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
  • passed through border control 9 times in my car: never quite knowing what to expect
  • stayed in 8 different Airbnbs in 8 different cities: and had to contact each host separately, a day or so ahead of time, to coordinate check-ins
  • walked 103 miles: (including 5 hikes and several rainy days) per my Fitbit
  • used 3 different currencies: the Euro, Croatian Kuna, and Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark

Of course, I wouldn’t change a thing about my trip itinerary. Each place I visited was worth the effort. Worth the two weeks spent in serious GO mode with a blend of planning and sheer spontaneity.

Alrighty then. Does this sort of travel appeal to you? Would YOU travel with me?

I’m genuinely curious!

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