My 2019 Goals Recap

In January 2019, I wrote a blog post titled, When God Gives You Abundantly More, as a reflection on 2018—and I was awed by all that God had done in just one year. I hadn’t dreamt big enough.

So, I trusted Him for more in 2019. Bigger things. And still… Still. I didn’t dream big enough because somehow, God did exceedingly abundantly more—once again proving He is able. (Ephesians 3:20)

On January 1, 2019, I posted two lists on social media: my adventure goals and my spiritual goals. While the spiritual list was non-negotiable, I expected that I wouldn’t do everything on my adventure list. What I didn’t expect were the things I did instead. Things I didn’t even imagine putting on that list a year ago!

Woman in a bikini, sitting on a rock and looking out at the ocean
Blowing Rocks, FL on January 1, 2019: Watching the sunrise over the Atlantic

The biggest surprise was God asking me to leave Florida and move to Tennessee. It was a BIG ask. I loved Florida. But, I felt an instant peace about that decision the moment I said YES to God.

I gave Him my goals, plans, hopes, and He gave me more. Exceedingly abundantly more. In 2019, I embraced the opportunities God allowed in my life and adventured far more than I thought I would.

Here’s that January 1, 2019 list of adventure goals (and how they turned out):

2019 Goals

And here’s my January 1, 2019 list of spiritual goals:

2019 Spiritual Goals

As you can see, there are no checkboxes next to my spiritual goals. My relationship with God is an ongoing process of growth – because God doesn’t demand perfection; He only asks for progress. And honestly, life is so much more than checked boxes, even on the adventure side. The life I lived last year was still more than I expected—and I’m grateful to God for taking my dreams and somehow making the reality better. Exceedingly abundantly better.

This is what my 2019 really looked like:

2019 Milestones
Three women posing in front of Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls with my sisters in February (photo by Mom)
Woman sitting and hugging knees while watching the ocean sunrise
Coogee Beach, Australia: Watching the sunrise on my 36th birthday (March 29)
Woman about to go canyon swinging
Queenstown, NZ Shotover Canyon Swing in March
Woman waving on a street with a Tennessee marquee sign behind her
Knoxville, TN in May
Woman skydiving
Skydiving in June 2019
Woman holding onto a large metal cross
Split, Croatia in November
Four women on a bridge in Amsterdam
Amsterdam in December
Woman with an arrow tattoo on her finger
Tattoo in December

In between these highlights, I enjoyed lots of everyday adventures. Time with family and friends, hiking, exploring Knoxville, and even normal things like grocery shopping and walks around the neighborhood. 2019 was a good year, and I’m grateful to have lived it!

Woman with arms outstretched on a hiking path with mountains in the background
Hiking Brushy Mountain in September

I’m also dreaming big(ger) for this new year. Here’s a peek at my goals lists so far…

  • New Orleans—planned for February 2020 (work trip)
  • Utah & Zion National Park—planned for March 2020
  • Germany, Liechtenstein, and Austria—planned for March 2020
  • Hike Mt. LeConte in the Smokies
  • Axe throwing & paintball
  • Thailand and Vietnam OR Japan
  • Christmas markets in Europe—Prague, Budapest, ???


  • Volunteer faithfully at church
  • Join a church small group
  • Continue what I started in 2019. I want 2020 to be another year of saying YES to God and NO to self. Last year, I wasn’t perfect at doing this, but I did make progress.
  • Continue staying out of His way, pursuing Him above all else, and letting go of ANYTHING that:
  1. is not adding value to my life.
  2. is not encouraging or edifying others.
  3. is keeping me from being used by God.

I’m not normally one to choose a word of the year—although last year I chose a verse of the year for the first time ever. Actually, three verses: Hebrews 12:1-3. But, a word of the year? Nope. Haven’t picked one in the past. This year, though, I want to focus more intentionally on progress, not perfection. On taking one step at a time and celebrating what I AM doing instead of dwelling on what I didn’t do. So that’s my word: PROGRESS.

Regardless of whether you choose a word or make a list, I hope 2020 is a year of abundance and progress for you, too!