Don’t Let Your Bucket List Keep You From Doing the Things You Love Over Again

Friends, I have a confession.

I almost didn’t go skydiving a second time.

Okay, that’s dramatic. But, I did put it off way, way, wayyyyyyy longer than I should have. And not because I was afraid. Or didn’t have the money. Or because I had a mediocre experience the first time. I actually loved it the first time. LOVED. IT.

So why, why, why did it take me THREE YEARS to go again?

Well, I blame my bucket list. Or, rather, the idea that I’d already crossed it off my list and therefore needed to focus my time and money on new exhilarating adventures. It was a serious case of bucket list tunnel vision—so severe that I’d been denying myself the thrill of re-living one of my favorite experiences.

That’s messed up, right?

YES, I finally convinced myself. THAT’S MESSED UP.

And then I signed up for skydiving jump #2.

My first jump three years ago changed my life—which I explained in this earlier post, so I’m not even gonna try to put those feelings into new words. Go give that a read.

What I will say about the second jump is this:

  • Even though it wasn’t my first time, jumping out of that plane still felt exhilarating. It still felt like freedom.
  • I wasn’t scared this time either. Not once. All the flutters in my stomach originated purely from eager anticipation for what was to come.
  • Jump Florida came highly recommended and did not disappoint.
  • Even though I bought all the photos and video the first time, three years is a long while between jumps – so I splurged and paid for the pics and vid again. Worth every penny!
Woman and man tandem skydiving above the clouds

If you’ve ever thought about skydiving—even just a little bit—DO IT. Even if you’re scared. Just because I wasn’t afraid doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it if you are. Anticipation of any sort of leap is often the hardest part. The bravest part. Just remember. What comes after the leap WILL change your life. I promise.

Woman and man tandem skydiving and giving the horns

And, if skydiving really doesn’t appeal to you at all, that’s okay! Your life is your adventure, and our bucket lists shouldn’t look the same.

Soooooo, am I still passionate about checking new adventures off my list? You betcha. And I hope you are, too!

But PLEASE. Don’t let bucket list tunnel vision happen to you.

A life ever only in pursuit of the next new thing is a life never satisfied.

Woman and man tandem skydiving

Watch my full skydiving video here:

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